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How can I cancel the 'Overnight Delivery' items?
In the case of 'Overnight Delivery' items, because of the characteristic to ship out on the day, the request through the inquiry board and email is impossible. Only the request through the phone is available to check and ask for the cancellation. Please understand for this, since cs team couldn't the inquiry board and email list in evey time.

The available time to request for cancellation is from 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. based on Korea time.
Actually the available time for cs team in original is till 5 P.M., but since the completed 'Overnight Delivery' order before 2 P.M. should be shipped out on the day, please ask the cancellation before the international release time 2 P.M.
Please be noted about this.
What is the criteria of the charged international shipping cost?
For 'General Delivery' items, the free shipping service is applied when the total amount of one order is over $120 as before. When it's below than $120, the delivery could be started after the initial shipping cost is paid. But, even if your 'General Delivery' order is exceed $120 or order them including the prepaid shipping cost (when your order is required the free shipping condition), you could be charged for the extra shipping costs caused from the excessed weight of specific items (for foods and K-pop goods and so on).

For 'Overnight Delivery' items, the free shipping service is applied when the total amount of one order is over $80. Though the total weight of the parcel's over the maximum weight set depending on each countries, the extra charge just for the overed weight could be charged when you make a payment. When the total amount if below than $80, the shipping cost will be charged according to the weight of each items. You can check each items' weight when you order the items, and there would be no additional fee after the payment is done including the shipping cost.

Please check the maximum weight set depending on each countries on each item's detail page. (Click 'FREE SHIPPING COUNTRIES)
What is the detailed delivery procedure of 'General delivery' shipping?
The General Delivery will be proceeded as below :

1. Ship to OKDGG Logistics Cente(Domestic Shipping), After Order acceptance and preparation : takes about 2-7 business days.

2. After all items are gathered, we will inspect each items at OKDGG Logistics Center : within 2-5 business days.
(If the additional international delivery fee is paid and there are no other problems with the order, then the parcel will be transferred to the international delivery company within 24 hours.)

3. Once the parcels are delivered to the international delivery companies, the international delivery will begin : within 2-7 business days. (it could take more or less, depending on local conditions.)
Can 'free shipping service' by applied on 'overnight delivery' order?
Yes, the free shipping service could be applied on the 'Overnight Delivery' order, too.

If the total amount of your order is below than the criteria of free shipping service, you will be charged for the shipping cost according to the weight of the items.
The weight will be specified when you order the items.
Can I combine the 'overnight delivery' items with 'overnight delivery' items?
We are sorry again, but the 'Overnight Delivery' items couldn't be combined with 'Overnight Delivery' items too.
Since 'Overnight Delivery' items are set ready to be shipped out immediately after the payment is completed, it's impossible to combine with other orders.
I want to pay together 'overnight dleivery' item and 'general delivery' item.
We are sorry, but they couldn't be paid together. Please pay 'Overnight Delivery' order and 'General Delivery' order separately.
Also please note the international shipping policy would be applied separately on each orders too.
Why the payment place is divided into two sections?
s 'Overnight Delivery' category has added, the payment section is divided into two with 'General payment' and 'Overnight Delivery payment'.
The 'Overnight Delivery' items will be put in 'Overnight Delivery payment' section, and other general items will be put in 'General payment' section.
If you want to get two different typed items: Overnight delivery items & General shipping items, since the payment is differentiated, you should make two different payments.
Please note that the payment type is more various on 'Overnight Delivery payment' section.
Also it takes about 2-5 days to be delivered in the case of 'Overnight Delivery' items, and it takes 10-14 days for 'General Delivery' items. Please refer this too
Notice of 'overnight delivery' process
1. Check out the items and completed the payment including the international shipping cost (If the amount of your order is over the standard amount, the free shipping service could be applied)

2. Payment completed before 2P.M. based on Korea time: Parcel ship out internationally on the day
Payment completed after 2P.M. based on Korea time: Parcel ship out internationally on the next day
(Delivered within business days.)

3. You can check out the tracking number through e-mail or text message. If you didn't receive any notice, please let us know your inconvenience through the inquiry board.

4. General delivery date of 'overnight delivery' is 2-5 days after the order is made. (It could be differed by the condition of delivery courier and the country) Also, OKDGG provides a safe and fast shipping with sorted optimized delivery courier considering each countries.
What's the 'overnight delivery' item?
To release the inconvenience caused from 'delivery delay' and 'out-of-stock', OKDGG send the genuine items stocked in OKDGG logistic center. They are full of best items sellected from each top sellers in S.Korea.
Free next-day shipping is available on any in-stock products. If your payment is done before 2P.M. based on Korea time, your parcel will be shipped out internationally on the day. You can see in your bag if your item qualifies. See checkout for delivery dates.

Please note that we do not deliver to P.O. box addresses.

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